Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things to Do: Art on the Zoo Fence

Looking for something to do on the weekend after breakfast?  You can walk down to Honolulu Zoo and check out Art on the Zoo Fence.  The name is a mouthful, but it is literally on the zoo fence.  This started about 50 years ago by a professor that wanted to give local artists a chance to sell their masterpieces without going through a gallery.  Today it is a non-profit group run by local artists for local artists.

The exhibits are shown on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monsarrat Ave between Kapiolani Park and the Honolulu Zoo, just at the east end of Waikiki.  I'd recommend going later in the day, some of the artists were still setting up when I stopped by around 9:30.

What's on display are original works, pieces, or prints.  The most common mediums are oil, acrylic, watercolor or photography.  You can expect small prints, large paintings, and some even have custom post cards.  

One of the famous artists in the surfing world is Paul Forney.  He lived and grew up here in Hawaii and has been painting since 1972.  His bright and playful style are distinct and immediately recognizable, depicting surf life above and below the water.
Paul has done the mural on the Ala Moana Surf Co.'s store front, the cover art for the Aloha Surf Guide as well as numerous murals, back drops, and signs in Hawaii and around the world.  Maui Longboards even featured Paul's art on their Artist Edition and Limited Edition boards.  If you are interested in viewing or buying his work, stop by or check his website out at Boneyard Reef.   

Another artist that sets up shop here is Scott Sharick.  He normally sets up here, but is away in Montana for photography school.  Scott  is based out of Honolulu, Hawaii and Missoula, Missouri, though travels extensively throughout the U.S.  This year he is planning on photographing the Yosemite Firefall, so he might be away from the islands a little longer.    

While he's away, check out his pictures on his website at Scott Sharick Photography, or on Flicker, or follow him on Twitter.  He definitely has an eye for shots and school has sharpened his skills.  If you want to purchase any prints of Hawaii please contact him through his website.  

A collection that stood out were paintings by Larry Clapes.  He's a local artist that does a variety of different work, but his acrylics (pictured right) really stand out.  Check them out and take a look at his smaller prints and postcards.

This set of work was artist Larry Geyrozaga.  There's no telling what you might find on the zoo fence or who you might meet.  So come on down and check it out.

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