Friday, April 22, 2011

Beaches: Halona Cove Beach and Sandy Beach

The next couple of beaches past Hanauma Bay are Halona Cove Beach and Sandy Beach.  There is not much to these beaches, but it gives you something to check out while you're driving through the area.  

Located just off the Kalaninaole Highway and right by the Halona Blowhole is Halona Cove Beach.  To Google directions just type in Halona Blowhole, there's no street address for the beach.  There's not much to this beach, it's small and there are no lifeguards or restrooms.  You can park at the parking lot for the Blowhole and parking is free.

There are a few footpaths down to the Cove, but be warned there is no paved trail like Diamond Head Beach Park.  The walk down is rocky and steep so bring a good pair of shoes or study sandals.  

The main attraction here is that there's not many visitors, there is a small cave under the highway (not shown in picture) and this is the beach scene filmed in From Here to Eternity.  There are a few tidepools, but just remember the rocks can be sharp and slippery in places and always watch the waves.

Some people do swim out, but be aware of the strong currents and tides.  I wouldn't go out as far as that swimmer because of the currents, sharp rocks, and lava tubes.

Remember, there are no lifeguards here.  So do like the sign says "if in doubt, don't go out".  For scuba divers, do not go out unless it's flat.  The current here can easily suck you out to sea or in a lava tube.  

Looking a few miles west is Sandy Beach Park, which is just a few minutes away.  

Technically called Wawamalu Beach Park on the internet, you can't find it if you type Sandy Beach Park, but nobody calls it Wawamalu.  Locals just call it Sandy's.  This beach has free parking, lifeguards, and restrooms.

This is a good place to bodysurf or boogie board....if you're really good.  Be warned, it is rocky in certain sections and has a ferocious shore break.  Depending on the season, you just have to go a foot or two out in the water and it's a sudden drop down.  I can't recommend surfing here because of the shore break, rocky bottom, and wave shape.  Waves do get big here in the winter, but there are better places to surf.  

This place is definitely NOT for babies or small kids if you want to go in the water.  I also wouldn't recommend this beach for swimming for tourists, but if you just want to check out another beach it's nice place to layout.  

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