Friday, April 22, 2011

Beaches: Waimanalo Beach Park

Waimanalo Beach looking west towards Kailua Bay
Another beach that is off the beaten path, not crowded, and is a Eu-jeania favorite is Waimanalo Beach Park.  Waimanalo means "precious protected water" in Hawaiian.  This beach has a sandy bottom, small waves, gentle currents, low sloping shore, no crowds, and a great view.  The only thing about this beach is that there are schools of jellyfish that occasionally show up.  Check with the lifeguards before you jump in.

The park itself occupies about 75 acres centered around the beach.  Waimanalo Beach Park is a good drive from Waikiki and, depending on traffic, it might take about 30 to 45 minutes.  Also, don't confuse this beach with Waimanalo Bay Beach Park which is another beach further up the road.  

The signs are small and faded, so you might need to circle a few times before you find the parking lot entrance.  It helps that there are two parking lots and two entrances, so if you miss one you can catch the other.  

The other good thing about this beach is it's free.  There are no parking or admission fees.  It has bathrooms, showers, charcoal pits, and lifeguards.  The lifeguards are on duty until 5:00 pm, but not sure what days they're on duty.  

You can camp here, but that will require a permit.  There is a lot of open space for tents and pine trees for shade.  You can set up for camp or a picnic.  

Looking out to sea, there is Rabbit (Manana) Island to the left and Kaohikaipu Island to the right.  It's called Rabbit Island because looking at from the east the cliff face looks like the head of a rabbit.  The island is also a sanctuary for seabirds.  

This is a great view looking to the east.  Surfing here isn't that good, there really isn't a reef or decent beach break.  Waves are gentle and close out before breaking, so it's hard to catch and ride.  However, because of the gentle waves it is a great place for swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, or just relaxing.  While you relax on the beach you can watch the small beach crabs run through the surf zone.  All depends on what you want to do.

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