Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things to Do: North Shore Shrimp Trucks

Another thing to do on the North Shore is eat at the shrimp trucks.  Long before the food truck fad swept the country, food trucks prepared shrimp in Kahuku.  Kahuku is known for their shrimp farms and this is the place to get fresh shrimp.  A few of the shrimp trucks are on the grounds of the farms they get their shrimp, so it's caught and prepared daily.  One of the shrimp trucks on a farm is Romy's.  Officially called Romy's Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp Inc this is a good place to get fresh, succulent shrimp.

So if you're in the neighborhood because you stopped by Hukilau Beach, Hukilau Cafe, or the Polynesian Cultural Center you can stop by Romy's.  Romy's is located at 56781 Kamehameha Highway and is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The original shrimp truck is Giovanni's which is down the road, but the wait time was about 1 hour.  Yes, some people are crazy about farm fresh shrimp and Giovanni's was the first and most famous shrimp truck on the North Shore.  (UPDATE: we went back and managed to get a seat at Giovanni's.  Check the blogpost here.)

Not wanting to wait at Giovanni's, we went down the road to Romy's Prawns and Shrimp.  They also serve sunfish or tilapia here, but the main attraction is the shrimp.  They serve shrimp with butter and garlic, sweet and spicy, fried (wrapped in egg-roll wrappers), and steamed.  

After you order just wait for them to call your name.  Everything they cook here is fresh, so they cook the shrimp when you order.  The wait is about 15-20 minutes depending on how many people are there and what you order.  

While you wait, you can check out their shrimp pond.  You can even go prawn fishing if you want.  That's an additional cost, but I'm not sure for how long since I didn't try it.  

And finally, the butter and garlic shrimp plate.  Ask for extra napkins because this is work.  Never mind the forks, you have to shell and sometimes de-vein your shrimp, with your fingers.  The reward is the fresh and sweet shrimp.  The heads are still on for those that want to break them off and suck on them for extra flavor.  

The sweet and spicy shrimp plate.  I thought the plate was more sweet than spicy.  I think they give you more shrimp with the sweet and spicy plate, than with the garlic plate.  

If you want to try another truck or get more shrimp, you can go further up the road to Fumi's Shrimp Truck.  Originally known as "Macky's", this place has been here for over 4 years.  It grew from just a food truck to a food truck and a shrimp stand.  They also have a live shrimp tank if you want to take home fresh shrimp.  

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Fumi's is located at approximately 56-781 Kamehameha Highway.  It is just a few minutes up the road from Romy's.  They are open from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm seven days a week.  

There's a lot to like here: butter garlic shrimp, lemon pepper shrimp, sweet and spicy shrimp, and more.  They also serve deep fried cod and pork.  Of course, you could get the fish or pork, but if you're here in Kahuku, why not get the fresh shrimp.  Check the menu.

And here is the butter garlic shrimp.  Normally, there are more shrimp on the plate, but they were eaten before the picture was taken.  Also unlike other shrimp trucks, Fumi's serves salad with a slice of pineapple and sauce.  Here, they normally serve the shrimp with the heads off.  If you want the heads on, you need to ask.

Also, don't forget to order sweet Kahuku corn and a drink to go with your shrimp.  The corn is grown up here, so it's fresh.

I wasn't sure how much this place would appeal to finicky eaters so I listed it under Things to Do instead of Good Eats, but try it out and see for yourself!

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