Monday, August 29, 2011

Things to Do: Sunrise Poolside Bar

Another cool place to check out besides the Genius Lounge and Sake Bar is the Sunrise Poolside Bar at the Edition Hotel.  Please note, that as of Sunday August 28, 2011, the Edition is no more.  There was a change in management and the hotel is now called the Modern.  

The Edition Hotel...I mean, the Modern Hotel is located on the west end of Waikiki at 1775 Ala Moana Boulevard.  There are several bars at the Edition.  Not to be confused with the Lobby Bar is in the front, the Sunrise Bar is the bar by the pool in the back.

If you see this, that means you took a left at the stairs instead of going up the stairs and are now in the lobby.  You are in the wrong part of the hotel.  Unless, of course, you want to try the Lobby Bar (or check-in).  

In that case, turn around and go past the bookcase.  Yes, this is like a secret entrance to a hidden room just like the movies.  And the bookcase only opens in the evening.  

And voila!  The Lobby Bar.  Good place to get drinks and appetizers.  Good thing about this bar, is the kitchen is open late if you get the munchies.  
During the day, this is a great place to relax and hang out by the pool.  Overlooking the Waikiki Yacht Club and the Hilton Lagoon.  Of course, the beach is just a few minutes away, so you might as well hang out at the beach during the day and come back at night.

Walking up the stairs, we come to the foyer and the pool.   

The bar is a chic, open-air, Miami-style (beds by the pool) venue.  The beds give a laid-back, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a good drink in the evening.  

The best place is right at the bar.  There are several signature drinks here.  One is the frozen coconut mojito, the other is the deconstructed mai-tai.

The frozen coconut mojito is like an alcoholic slurpy, but better.  It's coconut rum, fresh mint, lime and coconut blended with crushed ice.

The other specialty is the deconstructed mai tai.  It has Pyrat XO rum, French almond syrup, topped with a curacao/citrus foam and shiso leaf all over ice.  It doesn't look like a mai tai, but it tastes like a mai tai and it is strong.  It's so strong, I forgot to take a picture the first time.  Had to try another. 

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