About Us

This started out as a simple blog.  We're getting married.  We'd like friends and family to join us in celebration.  It should be fun.  I wanted Vegas.  She wanted Hawaii.

So we're getting married in Hawaii.  Not so simple.  Though Hawaii is part of the 50 States, it is practically a destination wedding because it's so far away.  This wouldn't normally be a problem, but over half the guests are from out of town: from both coasts and several from overseas.  This isn't Las Vegas.  Flying in for only a weekend is not worth the time or the jetlag.  If you're coming that far, you might as well stay for a week and enjoy yourself.

We made a short list on our blog.  Our list included places to stay, things to do, and where to eat.  Our guests could enjoy themselves in Hawaii by checking the list, but it was a short list.  It might not last a few days, much less a week.  We could link the blog to a local Honolulu website that tells guests everything to do for a week.  Unfortunately, there is no such website.

There is no Vegas.com website for Hawaii or Honolulu.  The closest website would be Yelp!, but you still need to know what to do.  The second best source was a free pamphlet at the airport, but most of the listings are ads.  It's hard to tell the difference between what is good advertising and what is good.  So we added to the list with our unique perspectives.  This not-so-simple blog got complicated.

I grew up on Oahu and settled on the West Coast.  Eu-jeania is from the New York City and settled on the West Coast.  I know where to go and places to see.  She's a foodie....and she's just picky.  The short list grew long as we took pictures, (re)visited different places, and tried different restaurants.  Many are still around since when I was a kid.  Some disappeared, others got better.  New things popped up.  We tried to highlight the best things on the island.

As time went on, this complicated blog became more complex with more posts.  The layout had to change.  I like simple.  We tried to organize all the posts in a simple, easy-to-navigate format.  My sister mentioned that it is a great travel site and she forwarded it to friends.  We'll probably keep this blog up as a travel site after the wedding.

So if you're a wedding guest or looking to visit Hawaii, feel free to look through the posts and enjoy!